Thursday, March 25, 2010

it takes two to make a baby

Nothing much to say it's just flashing back some memories, once aku pernah pakai baju putih, tudung putih, kasut putih dan kain purple. Here we go...

It takes two to tango and it's also takes two to make a baby.

Love the quote, yer know i remember the time when SPM is just around the corner. Everybody was very busy making preparation to sit on the examination. And even me too was very dwelling on my very own business i mean cover up all the subjects and so exercises given by our teachers.

One of them is essay-ing, my english teacher will give the whole class some topics, tittle and ask us to write on essays and submit it to her. Actually it was a bit tedious but since i found out that essay-ing is not that crap so I just go on with my day dream story while essay-ing.

It's not that writing a Cinderella story or kinda, something like love story that a boy had a crush with a girl but he afraid to spill it out his feeling and just keep it. Once he meet the girl after years, its just like dormant virus find it's host. Love is in the air, creating something sweet there and yada yada. SO saying, on that time we completely compete to each other trying to make sentences- to- kill then comparing the essay and begin the session which u can call kutuk-mengutuk caci maki. Laughing and tepuk tampar all the way, it takes two to tango and it takes two to make a baby is one of the sentences- to- kill as i said before.

Yer know I have bad feeling on my english now on, feel like my english become very worst,I've lost my skill in english. As im not write and speak in English for a long time and i do really take the skill for granted. I should read some more books and english mags, to be pious read the translation of Quran in English. Ngee:)
Or maybe i should get some grammar book of primary school kiddy, ahah.

On top of it's necessary for me to make some preparation of becoming IPT student. Everything must be in English yer know.

So, chill out and have fun. Good luck to me and you too.

SoSaying: aku tahu english aku trash tahap gaban, terima je lah. Haha.

2 mereka kata:

nawal said...

it takes two to tango..

really like it~

little lady~ said...

hahaha cik nawal...

tenkiu my doc to be! :)